A REAL Ketosis Cookbook Review

As a low carb dieter myself I decided to actually buy a copy so I could give an actual review of the product so you could make an informed decision prior to purchasing it. If you’re interested in the Ketogenic Diet (Keto) I’m sure you’ve seen this advertised so I decided to buy it. At

The Health Benefits of Keto

Maybe you’re still unsure that keto is the right lifestyle for you. If that’s the case you should watch The Magic Pill. It’s an excellent documentary to learn the dangers of the standard American diet. But until then read all these awesome benefits of the Keto diet! 1. Aids in weight loss It takes more

Does the Keto Diet REALLY Work?

Does the Keto diet really work? Is it good for beginners? I bet if you’re reading this article you’ve been trying to lose weight and keep it off for a long time. Every article you read probably has some gimmick like: “Oh if you eat from a red plate you’ll naturally eat less” “Take these

Should I Go Paleo? Take My Paleo Diet Quiz

Paleolithic or the Paleo Diet is a popular diet where the dieter is supposed to go back to her caveman roots in order to live a healthier lifestyle.  It was created back in the 1970s by gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin. He was the first to suggest that eating like our Paleolithic ancestors could make modern humans

Maintain Your Inner Garden With These FREE Probiotics

I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics before as their benefits are immense.  They are known to help with: Weight Loss Improve your immune system Improve your digestive health Improve mental health Here is Dr. Warren Peters speaking in a Ted Talk about the benefits of probiotics on your mood and your weight: If you care

Is Keto Right For Me? Take The Keto Diet Quiz to Find Out!

if (window.qmn_quiz_data === undefined) { window.qmn_quiz_data = new Object(); } .quiz_section { display: none; }Welcome to The Keto Diet Quiz Did you know that the Keto diet was originally invented in the 1920's to treat children suffering from epileptic seizures? That's why those on the Keto often report greater cognitive clarity and memory recall. The diet ...

How Can I Stop Compulsively Eating?

I’ve found that those who are overweight have a lot of willpower, these individuals can go without eating, no problem; it’s just when they start eating, or put into an area that’s conducive to eating, it gets out of hand. Intermittent fasting is what helped me push this avalanche of food consumption to much later

Save 50% On The Fat Decimator System Today!

Yup that’s me, Cam, before I began to take my health seriously. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and very depressed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvMKcODpbDQ My name is Cameron and I want to help you. I’ve been obese and I’ve managed to lose over 1000lbs so far! I know what it takes to lose weight and more importantly how

50% Off The Red Tea Detox

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