8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Green Chef

It’s Thursday night and you’re just getting home from work. You had a really long day and your boss has been riding you like there’s no tomorrow. You’re so tired and normally you’d turn to fast food to quell your hunger but luckily for you your Green Chef box arrived and your pre-sorted ingredients are right there! You got to eat a delicious organic meal without the prep work or planning!

Let me start off by saying I’m a proud Green Chef customer and an affiliate and their low carb options enabled me to lose 100lbs. Many people interested in having convenient healthy delicious meals delivered to their door have heard of Green Chef but they may not know the whole story.  It is my hope that this article will change your mind!

1. Green Chef is America’s #1 100% Organic Meal Delivery Service

There are many companies out there saying they are giving you organic food, however, many times they’re not really organic. Most of the time only some of the ingredients are organic. Green Chef, by contrast, is America’s only USDA-certified 100% organic food meal delivery service.

2. Green Chef has the most low carb options

I’ve researched many meal kit companies and while some may have a few low carb options Green Chef was the only company that offered Paleo & Keto service plans. All the meals are developed by chefs and made sure to comply with standard low carbohydrate guidelines.

3. Green Chef offers 100% gluten free meals

As more and more people seek to move away from some of the potential toxic effects of gluten the need for gluten-free is real. Well, it’s Green Chef to the rescue. Now you can rest easy since with Green Chef you can select to have all of your meals 100% certified gluten free.

4. Green Chef has the best customer service in the industry

Recently I turned off my delivery for Thanksgiving and the week after thinking I didn’t need it. However, I got tired of turkey and wanted to get a delivery for the following week. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the computer in time and missed the deadline. I called their customer service line and they said they did have a package available but it included a meal I didn’t want. I pondered over it and decided to go with it.  The rep surprised me by crediting the meal I didn’t want even though it was my fault for missing the deadline! Now THAT’S customer service!

5. Green Chef is the most affordable option for the keto diet

As I said I did a lot of research prior to going with Green Chef.  There were few keto meal kits out there and they were all really expensive. One company wanted $18.99 per serving! Yikes!  Green Chef only charges $11.99 per serving and that includes shipping. See current prices. 

6. They’ve expanded their keto options

When I first started with Green Chef one of my biggest beefs with the company was that you couldn’t choose which meals you wanted. You had to go with what they gave you; no more. As of this writing, Green Chef gives you 5 dishes and you choose 3. That’s important to me because I don’t like seafood so I never have to worry about being stuck with a protein that I don’t like. Check this week’s menu

7. Green Chef is all about diversity

Those of us in the low carb lifestyle know that one of the chief complaints of low carb eating, and especially keto, is the lack of options for us. Many people drop out of their keto diets because they say it’s too restrictive. We all know about cauliflower rice and cheese crisps but Green Chef brings food diversity to a whole new level! They’ve sent me meals I would’ve never thought about before. I mean, Kenyan Ginger Chicken…What the heck?!  If you like to try new foods Green Chef is the most convenient way to do it!

8. Green Chef is well…green

One of the principle criticisms of meal kit companies is their use of excess packaging which creates a lot of waste. Green Chef has solved this problem by using recyclable packaging.  The box and the plastic are all made from recycled material or are 100% recyclable! Oh and that includes the ice packs which are made of non-toxic gel! They even have a whole section of their website dedicated to recycling their packaging. With Green Chef you can get convenience without the guilt!

Dinner is just a few steps away with Green Chef!

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