All About Keto for Men

A lot of guys ask themselves if keto is the right ‘diet’ for them. I get it many guys see keto, and diets in general, as a ‘chick’ thing but it’s not true. Ketogenic eating is actually one of the best diets for men.

Why Keto is Good for Men

Is Keto for men? Yes! For several reasons.

  • You get to eat a lot of meat
  • You’ll feel full
  • Keto doesn’t require complex dishes
  • Keto is cool

The fact that I got to eat a lot of meat is what appealed to me in the first place. I love meat and vegetables so it wasn’t a difficult choice. In fact, since most women turn to sweets as their comfort food I’d say it’s more difficult for a female to adjust to the keto diet than a man.

I’ll come right out and say my cooking sucks. I remember when I was 16 I cooked a dish for my family and my dad took one bite and told me ‘son make sure you marry a woman that likes to cook because you can’t’. The fact is I’m much better at repairing or replacing a faucet than I am preparing a gourmet dish.

With keto you can cook some really simple dishes that will keep you full. There are even companies that will deliver pre-measured ingredients to your door. I recommend Green Chef. They have 100% organic ketogenic meal plans. You can read my review of them to see my experience.

Special Considerations for Men Thinking About Keto

It’s important to note that there are some considerations for men who want to do keto. The biggest one is you’ll have to do a lot of cooking yourself. Even things that we wouldn’t think have a lot of sugar such as pasta sauce, beef jerky, and salad dressing are in fact loaded with sugar.  That means you’ll be preparing most of your meals yourself.

There are ways around it like having a meal delivery service or something like that but that’s not a cheap way to go. That’s why if you’re not prepared to do a lot of cooking or pay someone to cook for you then this may not be the best diet plan for you.

Some Common Foods You’ll Need to Give Up

While on keto you’ll have to give up some of your most favorite foods. Women tend to have the most difficulty giving up sweets like chocolate and ice cream while men have a hard time giving up beer, chips, and soda.

A good way to start is to try to wean yourself off of those foods. Instead of a cold beer try a nice glass of wine instead. Dry wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay (among others) are often recommended as keto wines.

Keto for Beginners

Ready to begin your journey to the new you? The first step is to calculate your macronutrient levels, colloquially known as ‘your macros’. These are the nutrient intake levels you need to get into ketosis the fastest. I have a free macros calculator that you may use. Then you’ll need to get your keto foods. Some common foodstuffs of keto dieters are spaghetti squash (to take the place of pasta), cauliflower (to make cauliflower rice), and almond flour (to use for baking). Here is a guide to get you started on your keto journey.

What’s Ketosis Anyway?

Ketogenesis has existed as long as humans have. If you eat a very low amount of carbohydrates, you will starve your body of glucose, its primary source of fuel. Since your body still needs the energy to carry out its basic metabolic functions it turns to ketones for fuel. Ketones are energy molecules produced by your liver when it metabolizes fat.

You’re actually making ketones all the time. It’s just the glucose (sugar) is much easier to convert into usable energy than ketones. That’s why your reptile brain craves carbs and sugar or fuel. The more carbs you eat the fewer ketones your body makes and vice versa. After about three (3) days or so of cutting carbohydrates and other sugars from your diet your body will adjust to using ketones as its primary energy source.

Can’t you take ketone supplements?  Yes. There are a few keto supplements to help you get into ketosis faster. My personal favorite is PureFit Keto. These have a chemical known as Beta-hydroxybutyrate which has shown to suppress appetite and help your body make the machinery to convert fat into fuel quicker.

Keto Quiz

Still not sure whether or not Keto is for you? Take this keto quiz that I made to see if it’s the right fit for you. Don’t worry! There’s no email required to get your results!

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