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The Best Attraction Exercises to Manifest Your Reality

This is a work in progress where I compile the best methods to help you manifest your dreams whether its a relationship, better financial security, or even losing weight! That being said these can really be used to manifest any dream you have

Be grateful

Be thankful for the great things that you already have in your life. Try writing in a gratitude journal or just taking a few minutes before you go to bed to think of all the good things that happened to you that day.

Example: Be thankful for the relationships that you had, even though they ended. Be thankful for your friends and family who love you. This will attract even more love into your life, in the form of a soul mate.


Watch This Video on Applying the Manifestation Principles of Jesus Christ


Make a Dream board

Create a dream board. Cut out (or print out) pictures and words that represent your goal, and stick them to a cork board. Hand the board somewhere you will see it daily. This will help you visualize your dream.

Example: If you are trying to attract a soul mate, you may want to put pictures of a happy couple, of a house you will live in, of what your bedroom might look like etc. Tip: do not focus on physical characteristics of your perfect partner too much (like hair or eye color), it is more about what your lifestyle will be like and how he would make you feel.


You can use the dream board to help you visualize your dream, but you can also do that without it. Just close your eyes and try to imagine your dream coming true, focus on the details and the feeling that you would have.

Example: Imagine going on a holiday together with your soul mate. Where will you go? What will you do? Imagine holding his hand in the airport, or lying on the beach together.

Use positive affirmations.

Choose a few positive affirmations and repeat them every day.

Example:  “Love is coming my way” or “I am in a happy relationship”.


Meditation will help you focus and make sense of the world around you. Theta meditation is the ultimate form of meditation that will help you manifest your reality.


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