Cam’s Manifestation Testimonial

I am a gay black man born and raised by a single mother. I was lucky enough though to have a single mom that never sought to blame anyone else or society for her own choices. She worked so hard and always believed in manifestation of reality!

I remember as a child we didn’t have heat one year because my mother couldn’t afford it. But did she use that as an excuse to do the wrong thing?


She just scrimped and saved so she could get her children some heat and she worked her way up her organization.

My mother started as a temporary clerk barely making ends meet. She always had her dream board next to the door to the garage.

Because of her hard work and dedication she retired as a senior analyst that takes multiple vacations every year and is picked up by a limousine every time.

She always tells me that seeing is believing and to have a dream board no matter where I go!

True story!

My mom is my hero!

I see other black activists complaining and griping about their situations and how they are entitled to other peoples money for [less than intelligent reasons] reasons like slavery that ended over 150 years ago.

Let me be clear again, slavery was a moral failure of the United States and something that is unforgivable. That being said how long will we use that as an excuse to not do the right thing for ourselves?

Some extreme activists say we deserve reparations. Well, the amount of welfare and other assistance we have received, for example Camden NJ spends more than double the national average at $23,000 per student, has paid back America’s debt for slavery and then some.

Some people want to babble on about ‘oh the society makes it impossible for blacks and other minorities to succeed’ blah blah but yet if that’s the case how is that a large openly gay black man (me) can work hard, graduate from college, and travel to most corners of the world?

I got so sick of the sense of entitlement of not just activists that I decided to finally ‘come out’ again. This time as a libertarian that values hard work over complaining and entitlement.

I have used manifestation myself to lose weight and get in better shape.

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