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What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that is found in the jungles of South East Asia, most commonly in Indonesia. The reason it’s gaining popularity is because it has some weight loss properties. Specifically, it contains Hydrocritric Acid or HCA for short. There is some data that suggests that this chemical works as a natural appetite suppressant and helps reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed into the body by partially neutralizing the body’s Citrate Lyase enzyme (a key enzyme in fat absorption).

Sellers of diet pills will often point to a study that show this does help to lose weight. That’s the thing though, whenever you here someone say ‘there was a study’ or pointing to just one study to prove a point they’re almost always trying to sell you something. I studied biology and that’s just not the way scientific research works. There must be multiple studies performed by different individuals that show the same thing in order for something to be accepted as scientific fact.

What the diet pill sellers won’t tell you is that there are other studies that showed that HCA only had a moderate impact on fat loss. So while HCA is effective it’s not the miracle compound that some sellers make it out to be.

Taken together, these results indicate that treatment of HCA-SX over a period of 90 days results in a reduction in body weight, but did not cause any changes in hepatic and testicular lipid peroxidation, DNA fragmentation, or histopathological changes.

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2003 Data 

So the next question is are there any negative implications. The answer is we don’t know yet. There is some evidence that it can cause liver damage to those with weak livers, it can also worsen mania episodes of those with bi-polar, and it’s not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

Overall, as it has been an FDA approved supplement it should be generally seen as safe. It’s important to note that when it comes to FDA approval that doesn’t mean the government is saying it works. It just means that the FDA has determined that most people who take it won’t drop dead from it.

My overall conclusion is it does work and if you are already relatively healthy you can give it a try but if you already have a litany of health concerns to stay away as the moderate weight loss isn’t worth the additional health concerns.

Radiant Farms Keto Review

These are dietary supplements that use the Garcinia Cambogia extract. They promise large weight loss by suppressing your appetite and stopping your body from absorbing fat. Try it for free. These supplements are made by the Iron Radiant Farms. They are FDA approved and they really can help to lose weight if used the right way.

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5 Surprising Vegetables You Should Not Eat To Lose Weight

Lose Weight By Cutting These Vegetables From Your Diet

Low-carb vegetables – the best and the worst

What low-carb vegetables are good? There’s a very simple rule:
  • Vegetables growing above ground are low carb and can be eaten freely.
  • Vegetables growing below ground contain more carbs, so you’ll have to be more careful with them (especially potatoes).

Like any rule it is not perfect, so have a look below

All our lives we’ve been told to eat our vegetables because they’re good for you. Surprise surprise it turns out these vegetables aren’t as good for you as you might think.

1. Corn on the cob. One ear of corn 6 grams of sugar and 19 grams of carbs. That’s 20% of your daily recommended sugar intake in one ear of corn

2. Yams. One cup of yams has about 42g of carbs which is 14% of your recommended carbohydrate intake and of course would knock you out of ketosis with the quickness

3. Parsnips. These guys have 6 grams of sugars and 24 grams of carbohydrates!

4. Potatoes. Most people know that french fries aren’t really a vegetables but it’s not just the frying that makes french fries bad. The potatoes themselves are no friend either. One cup of potatoes has over 33 grams of carbohydrates in it. That means just half a cup of potatoes is enough to knock an adult male like me out of ketosis.

5. Quinoa. Often touted as a healthy grain and popular with new age types this grain is actually one of the worst for you. One cup of Quinoa has a whopping 109 grams of carbohydrates. If you want to get out of ketosis eating something with quinoa is a great way to do it

6. Beans. While not a musical fruit this root vegetable is chalk full of carbs and sugar with 121 grams of carbs and 4 grams of sugar respectively. That’s more carbs than a McDonalds Big Mac! That’s enough to make anyone toot

Hope is not a weight loss plan. If you want to begin losing weight TODAY then check out the Fat Decimator System it’s a full and complete guide to help you melt away fat while you sleep. See how eating the right foods at the right time can help you lose weight fast and without feeling hungry. Learn more about the Fat Decimator System

Here are the ten greatest low-carb vegetables, tasty and nutritious and with very few carbs. They’re sorted by how popular and useful they are in low-carb cooking.

All numbers are net carbs per 100 grams (3½ ounces).

  1. Cauliflower – 4 g. The most classic and iconic of all low-carb vegetables. The base of cauliflower rice and cauliflower mash. Check out our top 18 cauliflower recipes
  2. Cabbage – 3 g. Another great low-carb vegetable. Who doesn’t love butter-fried green cabbage or the truly addictive Asian cabbage stir-fry
  3. Avocado – 2 g. Not just low carb, but also full of nutritious fat. Avocado can be eaten in all kinds of ways, including on its own, perhaps with some mayonnaise, or it can be used to make guacamole.
  4. Broccoli – 4 g. Another great option that can replace pasta, rice or potatoes. Just fry it in butter or add some cheese for great-tasting side dishes. 
  5. Zucchini – 3 g. Try our zucchini fries or zucchini chips. Zucchini can also be used to make low-carb pasta.
  6. Spinach – 1 g. An extremely low carb vegetable, spinach is full of vitamins and minerals and can be used in dozens of ways. It pairs beautifully with eggs, such as in our popular frittata.
  7. Asparagus – 2 g. Revered as both a food and medicine – and aphrodisiac – by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans up to medieval times, asparagus is one of the world’s oldest cultivated vegetables. Nutritious and delicious!
  8. Kale – 4 g. Hardier than spinach, less watery, but just as nutritious, kale can stand up to mincing, sautéing, baking, and much more. Cut into ribbons, it makes a great noodle substitute for zesty sauces.
  9. Green beans – 4 g. Frenched, diced and tossed in a salad, fricasseed and more, green beans taste great especially with added fats like butter, an olive-oil vinaigrette, or bacon.
  10. Brussels sprouts – 5 g. Nutty, filling and nutritious, they are especially good roasted with olive oil and garlic, or with bacon. Or steam and serve with a cheese cream sauce.

See how a mom lost 41lbs by cutting this vegetable from her diet.

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Maintain Your Inner Garden With These FREE Probiotics

I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics before as their benefits are immense.  They are known to help with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improve your immune system
  • Improve your digestive health
  • Improve mental health

Here is Dr. Warren Peters speaking in a Ted Talk about the benefits of probiotics on your mood and your weight:

If you care about maintaining your inner garden then you should try probiotics. The issue for many people, though, is that good probiotics are not cheap. Well I have some good news. My readers are eligible to receive a free month’s supply of probiotics thanks to my friends at NuCulture!

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Get The Power to Reverse Diabetes

Remember in the 1970’s when the first digital watches came out?  I do. I got mine as a Christmas gift  in 1978 it was a black Casio. It also came with a big instruction manual  with the manufacturer imploring me to read it.

Unsurprisingly I initially discarded it.  However, after 5 days of trying to program the damn thing it still flashed 12 o’clock.  I finally opened the little booklet and programmed it within 5 minutes.

Most of us ignored the manual, just plugged it in and tried to figure out the rest. That’s why we all had the blinking 12:00 on.

Today, most new electronics now come with a quick start guide which has the most basic 4 or 5 steps to get your watch working and then anything else you needed, you could reference the detailed instruction manual. Instruction manuals are just so much more useful this way.

Well, I don’t know much about digital watches, but I do know about type 2 diabetes. I could write an entire book about obesity (oh, wait, I’m already doing that).

However, now that we’re in the ADHD age most people no longer want to read a big long book even if it could save their lives. Therefore I have made a quick start guide to reverse your type 2 diabetes!

Yes you can reverse diabetes!

Most doctors, dietitians and diabetes specialists claim that type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease. The American Diabetes Association, for example, almost proudly proclaims this on its website.

Once you get the diagnosis, it’s a life sentence. But, it’s actually a great big lie. Type 2 diabetes is almost always reversible and this is almost ridiculously easy to prove.

This is great news for the more than 50% of American adults who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes. Recognizing this truth is the crucial first step in reversing your diabetes or pre-diabetes. Actually, it something that most people already instinctively recognized to be true.

Suppose your friend is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then works hard to lose 50 pounds. He takes himself off all his medications and his blood sugars are now normal.

What would you say to him?

Probably something like “Great job.

You’re really taking care of yourself. Keep it up!” What you wouldn’t say is something like “You’re such a dirty, filthy liar. My doctor says this is a chronic and progressive disease so you must be lying ”.

It seems perfectly obvious that diabetes reversed because your friend lost all that weight. And that’s the point. The disease is reversible. We’ve known all this along. But only diet and lifestyle changes will reverse it. NOT medications.

Insulin actually makes type 2 diabetes worse!

The most important thing, of course, is to lose weight. But the diabetes medications don’t do this. Quite the contrary. Insulin, for example is notorious for causing weight gain.

Clients that came into my office for counseling would often say to me:

“John, my doctor told me the key to reversing diabetes is to lose weight yet my doctor is making me take some drugs that made gain 25 lbs!”

The truth is that insulin doesn’t help diabetes! I’ll say it again insulin doesn’t stop type 2 diabetes!  Insulin reduces your blood glucose levels.

That’s it!  

Insulin doesn’t actually treat the underlying cause of type two diabetes it only treats the result of it.  It’s just like saying a patch will heal a tear in your pants. The patch makes the pants somewhat more wearable everybody knows that big gaping hole is still there underneath.

Other medications such as metformin or the DPP4 drug class are weight neutral. While this won’t make things worse but they won’t make things better either.

Since weight loss is the key to reversing type 2 diabetes, medications won’t make things better. Medications make blood sugars (the symptom) better, but not the diabetes (the actual disease).

We’ve been pretending that the symptom is the disease.We can pretend the disease is better, but that doesn’t make it true. That’s the reason most doctors think type 2 diabetes a chronic and progressive disease.

We’ve been using the wrong treatment. We’ve been prescribing drugs for a dietary disease. No wonder it doesn’t work.

So, how can you reverse your type 2 diabetes?

It’s the sugar stupid!

The key feature of type 2 diabetes and also pre-diabetes is that our bodies are full of sugar and its not just that there’s too much sugar in the blood either. That’s just scratching the surface of the problem. There’s way too much sugar in our entire bodies! That means bones, skin, hair everything…

Let’s imagine that our bodies are receptacles of sugar starting off almost empty when we’re born.

Throughout our lives we eat waaaayyyyy too much sugar. You’d be shocked how many modern foods are packed full of sugar and you didn’t even know it.  Just one quarter ponder with cheese (not including the fries and a drink) has almost half of your daily recommended intake of sugar.

As we go through lives the receptacle (our bodies) begins to fill until it is completely full and overflowing with the legal drug.

As we continue to eat too much sugar our bodies have no place to put the excess sugar except our blood.

Insulin is a normal hormone produced when we eat and its job is help metabolize sugar so our cells can use it. Once it becomes overwhelmed the mechanism stops working. Our cells can no longer use the sugar in our blood. It’s literally like starving while you’re at a buffet.

But what causes this?

Back to our buffet example. Imagine you are at the Golden Coral and you just decide to pig out. Your stuff yourself to the point of throwing up.

For awhile you don’t want to eat anymore even if you feel hungry. You resist all the food around you in your kitchen. The food is there and even though you are hungry because of your experience at the Golden Coral you just don’t want to eat.

This is similar to what happens inside your body with diabetes.

It’s just like when we played Tetrus as kids. Those of us who sucked at it (hand goes up) we couldn’t get the right pieces in at the right time.  The first pieces go in easily but as it gets full it gets harder and harder and requires much more effort to get the pieces right where they should be to get the system to work until finally its game over.

That’s exactly what untreated diabetes is…Game over…

When the insulin levels are unable to keep up with the increasing resistance, blood sugars rise and your doctor diagnoses you with type 2 diabetes and starts you on a pill, usually metformin.

But metformin does not get rid of the sugar. Instead, it simply takes the sugar from the blood and rams it back into the liver.

The liver doesn’t want it either, so it ships it out to all the other organs — the kidneys, the nerves, the eyes, the heart. Much of this extra sugar will also just get turned into fat.

The problem, of course, has not been solved — the receptacle is still overflowing. You’ve only moved sugar from the blood (where you could see it) into the body (where you couldn’t see it).

It’s putting a band-aid over a bullet hole. So, the very next time you eat, the exact same thing happens. Sugar comes in, spills out into the blood and you take medication to cram the sugar back into the body.

This works for a while, but eventually, the body fills up with sugar, too. Now, that same dose of medication cannot force any more sugar into the body.

So you go to your doctor. What does he do? Instead of getting rid of the toxic sugar load, he doubles the dose of the medication. If the luggage doesn’t close, the solution is to empty it out, not use more force to .

The higher dose of medication helps, but only for a time. Blood sugars go down as you force your body to gag down even more sugar. But eventually, this dose fails as well. So then your doctor gives you a second medication, then a third one and then eventually insulin injections.

Over a period of times, you went from pre-diabetes, to diabetes, to taking one medication, then two then three and then finally large doses of insulin. Here’s the thing. If you are taking more and more medications to keep your blood sugars at the same level, your diabetes is getting worse!

Even if your blood sugars get better, your diabetes is getting worse.

This is unfortunately what happens to virtually every patient. The body is already overflowing with sugar. The medications only hide the blood sugar by cramming it into the engorged body.

The diabetes looks better, since you can only see the blood sugars. Your doctor gets to pat himself on the back with the illusion that the problem has been solved. All this while you’re getting sicker and sicker.

Eventually you will require forever increasing doses of medications and  despite that will still suffer with heart attacks, congestive heart failure, strokes, kidney failure, amputations and blindness.

“Welp I did what I could time to move on to the next patient”

-Your doctor

Imagine that you hide your kitchen garbage under the rug instead throwing it outside in the trash. You can’t see it, so you can pretend your house is clean.

It’s like when we were kids and we used to stuff the garbage can as much as we could. Eventually it would get full and stomp it down in there with our feet. Then when that stopped working maybe we’d use the bathroom trash can (I was a lazy child).

Eventually the trash began to stink–really really bad–and our mothers would order us to take care of it.  Current medical treatments for diabetes are just like stomping the trash further into the can.

They don’t take care of the problem they just make look like its under control all the while the trash is still building up inside the can.

The last level

What happens when you don’t take the trash  out?

The trash begins to rot right?

The same the same begins to happen to you. A person with untreated diabetes begins to rot literally from the inside out.  Usually your feet are the first to go.  The neurons begin to die in your toes and they start tingling.  If left untreated you’ll end up losing your entire foot.

But its not just the feet…

Your eyes rot — and you go blind. Your kidneys rot — and you need dialysis. You heart rots — and you get heart attacks and heart failure. Your brain rots — and you get Alzheimers disease. Your liver rots — and you get fatty liver disease. Your legs rot — and you get diabetic foot ulcers. Your nerves rot — and you get diabetic neuropathy. No part of your body is spared.

Just like stomping the trash down into the can doesn’t stop it from rotting because it hasn’t been taken out; neither do modern medications stop your body from slowly rotting away due to excess sugar.

We’ve known this inconvenient fact since 2008. No less than 7 multinational, multi-centre, randomized controlled trials of tight blood glucose control with medications (ACCORD, ADVANCE, VADT, ORIGIN, TECOS, ELIXA, SAVOR) failed to demonstrate reductions in heart disease, the major killer of diabetic patients.

We pretended that using medications to lower blood sugar makes people healthier. But it’s only been a lie. You can’t use drugs to cure a dietary disease.

How to finally take out the trash

Once we understand type 2 diabetes, then the solution becomes pretty freakin obvious. Once the trash is full then take it out!  Don’t just stomp it down to feel like we’re actually doing something about it!

Here are two ways to take out the trash in your body:

1.Don’t put sugar in.
2. Burn it off.

That’s it…

That’s all we need to do. The best part? It’s all natural and completely free. No drugs. No sugar. No cost.

Step 1 — Stopping putting sugar in

The first step is to eliminate all sugar and refined starches from your diet. Sugar actually has little nutritional value and can therefore be eliminated. Starches are nothing more long chains of sugars.

Highly refined starches such as flour or white rice are quickly broken down by digestion into glucose. This is quickly absorbed into the blood and raises blood sugar. You probably already know that eating white bread increases blood sugars very quickly.

Doesn’t it seem apparent that we should avoid foods that raise blood sugars because they will eventually be absorbed into the body?

The problem, as eluded to earlier, As discussed earlier though must of us don’t know what foods besides the obvious to eliminate.

Step 2 — Burn it off

Fasting is a simple and quick method to force your body to burn its excess sugar and fat for energy. Glucose in the blood is the most easily accessible source of energy for the body. Fasting is merely the antithesis of eating–if you are not putting sugar into your body you are burning it off.

Since type 2 diabetes is merely excessive glucose in the body, burning it off will reverse the disease. While it may sound severe, fasting has been practiced for at least 2000 years. It is the literally the oldest diet known to man kind.

Stone tablets of Roman’s practicing fasting have been found in Italy, for example…

Here’s the bottom line:

If you don’t eat, will your blood sugars come down? Of course.

If you don’t eat, will you lose weight? Of course.

Problem solved! Someone please award me a noble prize! Oh wait there’s one little problem. You’ll die if you don’t eat…

Okay so we know we can reverse type 2 diabetes quickly if you stop eating. But since that would kill you there’s got to be a better way.

There is. If we eat the right foods at the right times we can give our bodies a chance to slowly heal from all the garbage we’ve been stomping into it for all our lives.

The truth is Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible! No drugs! No magic potions! No gimmicks!  It is completely reversible with  eating and drinking the right things at the right time.

A new hope  has risen…

Of course neither of these things are as easy as I’ve described but there are ways to get darn close to achieving these goals. This full guide will show you exactly what to do and when to do it to reverse your type 2 diabetes. You can read a full review of the full guide here. By the way here is a coupon to the 7 Steps to Health diabetes reversal system.



Your Eyes Reveal A Lot More Than Your Soul!

The eyes are the window to the soul


-William Shakesphere

I’m sure we’ve all heard that line before. Whether or not your eyes lead to the soul is something I’ll leave up to you but did you know the eyes are windows to many problems a person may have including diabetes?

Ophthalmologist  Dr. Neal Adams explains how much a doctor can know just by looking into your eyes.

Download a free copy of 7 Steps to Good Health
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Can It Improve How You Poop? Read This Squatty Potty Review To See The Truth!

I’ve had issues with constipation ever since I was a small child. When I was 10 it had gotten so bad that my parents took me to the doctor and it turns out I had a hernia.  After I had surgery to remove it my constipation improved a little bit but still doing number 2 was a huge burden on me.

I dreading having to go to the bathroom.

There were many things I tried from jumping up and down; I’m not kidding here. To shooting water up my butt with a squirt bottle like this one.  The squirt bottle actually worked somewhat but that can get messy. I won’t go into detail for the sake of those who just ate.

Then I found the squatty potty.

I watched an episode of Shark Tank and saw this little ‘gadget’ I guess. They explained how we westerners are pooping wrong and that’s why its so hard for some of us to relieve ourselves. After the segment, I went to their website and tried it out.

Man did it work!

Going to the bathroom lasts a couple of minutes instead of 15 to up to half an hour it used to take me!

About the squatty potty

The squatty potty was invented by the Edwards family in St George Utah. They claim they were having serious pooping problems and after getting frustrated with using phone books and other methods to go poo properly they finally designed to squatty potty.

It burst into the national scene on the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank with Lori Greiner offering three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for 10% of the company. The rest is history.  If you’re here maybe its because you may be having similar pooping problems or are just curious.

Either way you want to know if squatty potty is legit. Let’s explore its claims one by one shall we?


Claim 1: You’re pooping wrong

My rating: Solid True!

According to Squatty Potty’s website:

Your body relies on a bend in the colon, (where your poop lives) and the anus, (where your poop says hi) to keep everything stored until showtime. Your Puborectalis Muscle helps keep your poop in place by kinking your colon, much like a bend in a garden hose stops the flow of water, when you’re sitting or standing. This muscle is helpful for when you’re sitting and don’t want to poop, but unhelpful for when you’re sitting and do want to poop. Your colon’s sweet spot comes with the squat. This tells your Puborectalis Muscle to fully relax. Squatting straightens the kink and allows for a complete elimination.

Based on our research it is confirmed that the puborectaus muscle is in a more contracted state while in a normal sitting position and does in indeed relax more while in a squatting position. There are many cultures that practice squatting while defecating. The Chinese being one.

Chinese Squat Toilet

According to popular science site IFLScience:

This revelation isn’t new; in fact, a study in 2003 by Israeli doctor Dov Sikirov concluded that squatting to poop was the ‘most satisfactory.’ The study compared defecating in three different positions: Sitting on a toilet 42cm high, 31 cm high and squatting. The test subjects reported that pooping while squatting took an average of 50 seconds whereas pooping while sitting took an arduous 130 seconds.



Claim 2: Squatty Potty helps hemorrhoids

My rating: Somewhat true

Related: Doctor Butler’s Hemmoroid Treatment

Squatty Potty’s claims that their device can help hemorrhoids. They claim that their device leads to less straining which can cause fewer hemorrhoids to appear in the first place  and help existing hemorrhoids to heal.

My research has found many experts saying there’s not enough conclusive evidence that this particular contraption helps with hemorrhoid (just remember in the scientific community one study isn’t enough to prove anything conclusively).

However, the experts also acknowledge that having better pooping posture most likely does reduce the instances of hemorrhoids as straining to defecate is the primary cause of hemorrhoids.  Our friend IFLScience appears to confirm this:

1.2 billion people around the world who squat have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and fewer problems with piles. We in the west, on the other hand, squeeze our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms,”” says Enders. Diverticulosis occurs when excessive strain and pressure push out weak areas of the muscle wall and form little pouches in the colon. Piles are swollen blood vessels around the anus, also caused by straining.



Claim 3: Scientific research shows Squatty Potty creates a more satisfactory pooping experience

My Rating: Mostly true

The Squatty Potty sites a Japanese study when making these claims that a scientific study that squatty potty gives a satisfactory sensation of bowl emptying sooner. The study is in pdf format and in small print which makes it less likely that people will take the time to read it. Well, l we did and here’s what the study actually says:

The subjective assessment of the difficulty of defecation revealed the squatting posture [emphasis mine] as easiest for sensation of satisfactore bowel emptying compared with any sitting defecation posture

As you can see the study tested a natural squatting posture not use of the squatty potty itself. It would’ve been more intellectually honest to say it was the natural squatting position itself and not use of the squatty potty that increased the pooping satisfaction.

This is because the study didn’t actually test the use of their products and there may be differences between a natural squat and the artificial squat position created by the Squatty Potty.



Is Squatty Potty legit?

After extensive research and reading numerous customer reviews we can safely conclude that yes squatty potty is perfectly legitimate and is likely to assist in your pooping problems. While it may not work for every single person it’s definitely a good option for anyone that wants to defecate in a more natural way.

 Customer feedback

Some users didn’t like that they had to take their pants all the way off in order to use the squatty potty. In addition, some complained that the contraption got in the way and forced a ‘wide stance’ while urinating.

It’s worth noting that they’ve solved this problem with their Manhattan Black model. Once you go black you’ll never go back. To pooping while sitting that is.  That being said the overall customer rating is overwhelming positive.

There’s pretty much a consensus that it helps people poop better, solves their constipation problems, and helps their hemorrhoids.

If you go to their website you’ll find a plethora of poop stool options. It’s also worth noting that the company offers a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee along with free shipping.

Squatty Potty Options

Classic Ecco -This is your classic model that you’ve probably seen everywhere

Adjustable 2.0-More comfort no matter your height

Squatty Pottymus –Designed for the little ones to start off pooping right

Porta Squatty-Ultra portable it goes wherever you need to go

Tao Bamboo-Poop with a more classy pompous adjustable stool

Slim Teak-The original squatty potty on a diet

Slim Manhattan-The original squatty potty on a diet and with a New York make over

Slim Ghost-Almost invisible stool to help yours go out faster

Manhattan Black Squatty potty-Once you’ve got black you’ll never go back. To sitting while pooping that is

Watch Squatty Potty Update on Shark Tank