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The Awesome Benefits of Theta Brain Wave Meditation

As you know I talk a lot about meditation and manifestation on this website. That’s why today I want to talk about the theta brain wave benefits and how they can help you achieve your dreams whether it be a car, a job, a husband,

Does Manifesting REALLY Work?

Whenever I tell clients about manifestation they’re always a bit skeptical. That’s because they always think of it as the old mantra from the 80s ‘think it, see it, get it’. While that’s not wrong that’s just scratching the surface of manifestation.  If you want

Sex, Drugs, Jesus, and The Law of Attraction?

Hey can you keep a secret? Okay here it is. I am the biggest hypocrite in existence! You see 10 years ago I was working as a counselor (still am at a different place). By day I was telling young kids “Just say no! [to

Learn How to Conquer Your Own Mind to Get a Guy!

Here’s a secret: No amount of relationship advice will help you get the loving fulfilling relationship that you deserve if you don’t have the power over your own mind! Sadly, we gay men have serious problems with self discipline and control. Gay Men Are: 2

Gay, Depressed, and Perpetually Single

Behind that catty & cocky image many of us like to present is  a cynical and depressed man.   That was certainly the case for me and many other gay men. Gay depression is a serious issue! One study found that gay men are three times