Your Eyes Reveal A Lot More Than Your Soul!

The eyes are the window to the soul


-William Shakesphere

I’m sure we’ve all heard that line before. Whether or not your eyes lead to the soul is something I’ll leave up to you but did you know the eyes are windows to many problems a person may have including diabetes?

Ophthalmologist  Dr. Neal Adams explains how much a doctor can know just by looking into your eyes.

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By PackedMan

Hi, I'm Cam aka Packed Man. I'm a counselor and a loving partner. After winning my own battle of the bulge (I lost 100 lbs) I know what its like and I want to help people on their journey to happiness and fitness! Furthermore, I make no bones in letting people know this is how I earn my living and therefore some of the articles may contain affiliate links. This provides a strong incentive to make sure any products I recommend are of good quality so hopefully, you'll follow my recommendations to improve your life journey.

4 replies on “Your Eyes Reveal A Lot More Than Your Soul!”

I guess Shakesphere was onto something eh? Dude I used to have type 2 diabetes until I tried the diabetes lie. Now its gone and so are those expensive meds I used to take.

Can’t wait for your next article!

I got the 7 steps thing for my sister who had diabetes real bad. She’s only on one med now when she used to take 6.

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