Protect Yourself from Gay Bashing!

On March 31st A fake Grindr profile was used to arrange meetups late at night in a parking lot. When the victims arrived, the large group of attackers began beating them.

One of the victims, aged 28, was admitted to a local hospital following the attack and is currently fighting for his life. The second victim managed to run away before sustaining significant injuries.

Josh Sanders

Josh Sanders (not his real name) had just been living in Nashville for less than a year and a half. One night he was having a good time at a bar in “The District” (Nashville’s gay scene)when he decided to change to another club. He was only slightly inebriated when he heard someone shouting.

He didn’t think much of it  and begin looking through his phone before going to the next club. But then he head the shout again this time from close behind him.

Whatcha ya doin you f**** f***?!

That’s when he saw two large skin heads standing over him.  He  remembers one of them told him he hopes he gets ‘aids and dies’.  He tried to run but they caught him and threw a punch.

“Everything  just went black” he said

He was found lying unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk by his roommate who hadn’t heard from him in awhile and went searching for him.

Sanders was rushed to the hospital suffering from a skull fracture,  scratched cornea, and several scratches and bruises. The attackers also took his phone.

Now Josh is afraid to leave the house alone. He won’t even take out the garbage without someone with him.

Thomas Autry Fought Back!

Thomas Autry was walking home from his waiter job in Atlanta when he say 4  suspicious looking people. He ignored them and kept walking until he realized they were following him.

Once he saw they were armed with a shotgun and a pistol he ran until the group caught up with him.

This time was different. 

Autry pulled out his pocket knife, kicked the shotgun out of the attackers hands, and stabbed one of the attackers at which point they ran off.

The police found the attackers at the hospital where one of them was pronounced dead.  Autry was shaken but unharmed.

The situation could’ve been much worse had Autry not had the ability to defend himself.

LGBT people are the most targeted group for hate crimes!

According to the New York Times  LGBTs are twice as likely to be targets of hate crimes than Blacks and even Jews.

Unfortunately there are still many people that see gay men as effeminate, weak, and unable to defend themselves.  You don’t have to fall into that category.

Don’t be a victim of gay bashing!

Some tips to protect yourself:

  1. There’s safety in numbers. Almost all of the victims were alone
  2. Don’t show fear. If you they think you’re likely to put up a fight they’ll leave you alone.  Most bad guys are looking for easy pickings
  3. Have a self defense tool

If you do have a gun then you need a concealed holster so you can have it when you need it. Period. I found this one for free just pay for shipping.

But many gay men and women are uncomfortable carrying a firearm. That’s okay; you can still protect yourself with things like this special Tac-Lite flashlight. It seems really cool and will get one myself!

The bottom line is because Thomas Autry had a pocket knife he is alive and well.

I know many of you will say “But you can’t carry a knife everywhere!”

That’s true that’s why I recommend a tactical pen. It’s a fully functional self defense tool cleverly disguised as a writing utensil and a flashlight. It has a tungsten steel striker, a bottle opener, and yes it actually writes!

Secret service agents carry pen’s like these!


I  found a coupon where you can get a tactical pen for FREE! But it expires soon..

Watch a video on how to defend yourself from anti gay violence using the KISS Method!



  • Peter says:

    This is hard to talk about but my strike pen saved my life. One day I was walking along the river when two people one african american the other latino came up and start saying anti gay slurs at me and told me to give them my wallet. I said no and they came into attack me and I got one of them in the neck with my tactical pen. They ran away after that. I never leave home without my strike pen after that

  • Tui says:

    So sad to read that about those guys. I’m getting that pen now!

  • CastleSF says:

    I was walking home from a night out on the town in SF when a guy said ‘hey chinaman how about you give me your cell phone’. I told him to fuck off and he pulled a knife on me. I got him in the arm with my tactical pen that I got from here and he was more so stunned that I fought back and he ran away. Every gay man should have one of these pens.

  • mike says:

    Once a f*g (edited) pulled one of these pens on me, and I killed him and cut his body up and fed him to the pigs on my farm.

    • PackedMan says:

      THIS my friends is why it’s so important as gay men that we have the ability to protect ourselves! There are closet homosexuals like this that target gay men to release their own rage

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