A Gay Relationship…How do I get One?

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As a life coach/counselor that specializes in working with gay men for over 10 years there’s almost always one theme that comes up in my office. Seriously it doesn’t matter whether he’s Black, White, Asian, Tall, Short, fat, or Thin almost all of my clients ask me the same question!

How do I get a good man?!

Lets go over a few things I often see and then go over some useful tips to help you get the man you deserve!

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Hi I'm John aka Packed Man. I'm a counselor at a gay & lesbian center in the mid-west. Dontcha know! LOL ! I have been helping men of all sexual orientations heal for over 10 years. I wrote this blog so I can help heal anyone willing to put in the effort

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9 Comments on “A Gay Relationship…How do I get One?”

  1. Losing weight was a boon for my love life. We talk babble on all we want about ‘looks don’t matter’ but we’re just lying to ourselves. My dating life increased 10 fold after doing the 3 week diet and losing 20lbs.

  2. I agree with everything in this article. I do wish you would’ve gone more into how to stay positive though. It’s so hard when dealing with assholes all the time on grindr.

    1. Think of the goal in mind. Whenever someone is a bitch to you on grindr just remember what you goal is. Just remember getting in a bitch fight isn’t going to help you achieve that goal. Also remember he’s probably angry and frustrated which is why he’s acting that way.

  3. Thanks for another great article John. I want to try the three week diet thing. Just one question have you really seen most people succeed with it?

  4. I take exception with one part of this article and that is that open relationships are not real. That’s absurd and what’s even more absurd is to expect monogamy between two men.

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