Here’s Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat!

Remember when you got your first smartphone? I do. It was an iPhone back in 2014. I was so excited to open the stylish box to reveal my latest toy. I began playing with it while completely ignoring the instruction booklet that came with it.

I just thought I would figure it out. Turns out I’m not alone. Over 90% of people don’t read the instruction manuals that come with their phones and as a result many companies have stopped including them to save money.

We all know we probably should read them as they have valuable information but we just figure we can figure it out. That’s the same attitude many of us have with our weight. We know there are tons of resources out there to help us get rid of that pesky belly fat and get the flat stomachs we all want but we just think that we’ll figure it out.

I could write an entire book about obesity (oh, wait, I’m already doing that).

However, now that we’re in the ADHD age most people no longer want to read a big long book even if it could save their lives. Therefore I have made a quick start guide to get rid of belly fat.

Losing weight everywhere except your stomach? You’re eating way too much of this…

The truth is if we did take the time to read more often we’d know that there is a big culprit that’s contributing to that big gut and it’s in your kitchen right now. Want to guess what it is?


Red meat?



I’m afraid not. You see the main culprit to weight gain is sugar! Yes I’m afraid so. It’s been shown to actually be more addictive than cocaine and in some ways is worse since you can live without coke but not without sugar. Maybe you’re thinking “I already knew that” but what you may not have known is that sugar is in almost everything we eat.

That salty tasting McDonalds hamburger?  10 grams of sugar!

Okay but we all know a McDonalds burger isn’t good for us but there’s lots of hidden sugar in many foods that dieters eat. For example that pasta sauce that you ate for lunch probably had 6-12 grams of sugar per serving. That’s almost a quarter of your daily recommended sugar intake in just the sauce!  Salad dressing can have 7-10 grams of sugar in just 2 tablespoons! WebMD has a list of 13 foods that are surprisingly high in sugar.

Try this experiment the next time you go shopping. Walk down the aisles and examine the stuff you normally buy. Including stuff you wouldn’t even think they’d put sugar in – soup, salad dressing, instant potatoes, juice, frozen foods and even baby foods…

Now, if you read the list of ingredients you’ll find some of the sugars I mentioned above. Keep in mind that this list of ingredients is organized from the highest concentration to the lowest. So if some kind of sugar is listed in the first three ingredients – and it’s often #1 or #2 – then you’re eating a whole lot of it.

Sugar is a killer and, while okay in small quantities, is extremely unhealthy, fattening and addictive. That’s right – thousands of independent clinical studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and even heroine…

…and it’s in virtually everything we eat!

So is it any wonder why you might find it hard to drop the poundage?

Here’s what may shock you!

There’s actually a list of vegetables that are routinely served in restaurants and found in the produce section of the grocery store that are generally thought to be healthy… but are actually very bad for you and inhibit your ability to drop weight!

Health, fitness and weight loss are complex issues and we’ve been fed a lot of myths over the years. That’s why I’ve made it my goal in life to share the truth about foods, exercise and weight loss that we westerners have been denied for so long!

You’re cutting too much of this…

You know how you’ve been told for years that salt is evil? Turns out that’s not so true either…

Independent clinical research clearly illustrates how cutting salt from your diet is actually counter-productive to weight loss and can even cause long term health risks.

Doctor Sam Pak, a specialist on internal medicine and human bio-chemistry explains the true relationship between salt and weight loss.

“Your body uses salt for a variety of reasons. Among these is that salt helps balance the PH levels of your stomach acid, allowing you to more easily break down foods for efficient digestion. By robbing your body of salt, you not only reduce the amount of nutrients your lower GI is absorbing, you’re also preventing the body from breaking down certain acids that are dangerous to the rest of the body.”

Doctor Pak continues,

 “When you don’t break these acids down, your body begins to create and store more fat as a defense against these harmful acids. Your body enters a state known as metabolic acidosis. I liken it to leaving a pot of stew on the stove. Over time, the food begins to rot. This is exactly what happens in the human body as a result of a lack of salt. No matter how hard you work, you’ll simply create more fat deposits and erode muscle tissue.”


You’re doing cardiovascualr exercise…

What’s the first thing that anybody thinks of or tells you whenever the idea of weight loss is brought up?

You’ve got to hit the treadmill, exercise bike or the streets and burn those calories!

On the surface of it, this makes sense, right? After all, you’re doing a lot of work and you’re sweating and breathing heavy. Surely running a few miles every day must be dissolving those unsightly LB’s like crazy, right?

Would you be surprised to hear that this is actually wrong? No, I’m not crazy – let me lay it out for you…

Yes, cardio does burn calories, it’s true. And yes, some cardio is good for you. Light cardio promotes a healthy heart and increases your endurance. On the other hand, though… heavy cardio actually begins to have the opposite effects.

Before I get into why, let me give you a simple but common sense example. Imagine pre-historic Man. These men and women are running around the Paleolithic world chasing down antelope, red deer, aurox, bison and the occasional wooly mammoth.

Most of their diet comes from animal protein and what edible plants they can scrounge. Well, if cardio was so great for losing weight, these people would simply starve to death while running down their food. All that cardio would burn through their energy reserves faster than they could replace them.

Yet they didn’t starve to death… why?

For one thing, a lot of heavy cardio is hard on your knees and feet.

Second, it’s also hard on the heart.

Too much cardio actually begins to add scar tissue to your heart and increases your rate of heart attack. We didn’t realize that for a while until many scientific studies were done on the subject.

As for losing weight, excessive cardio actually has the reverse effect and here’s why. Our bodies are genetically designed to survive. Our body’s job is to store energy as fuel both for its immediate use and in the form of fat for those times when food is scarce.

In modern times, of course, food isn’t really scarce, so this built in safety feature is rarely needed. However, when you deprive your body of the nutrients it requires, either by starving yourself on some crazy diet or by over-taxing your body with lots of cardio, it begins to switch into survival mode.

Additionally, and unfortunately with heavy cardio, your body also becomes anabolic.

This means that it begins to burn the most effective source of energy first – and that’s not fat… it’s your muscle. Take a good look at some of these chronic long distance runners who compete. Many of them are kind of stringy looking and have to pack in the carbs just to maintain their muscle mass.

You want your body to burn fat, not muscle, obviously. It’s not really about calories, as many diets and so-called fitness gurus try to make you believe. Calories are only a means of measuring food energy. Yes, if you want to lose weight, you must take in less calories than you consume, yet there’s so much more to it than that.

The biggest secret to weight loss isn’t running 10 miles every day, starving yourself or even avoiding some of your favorite carbs, believe it or not. In fact, if you’re going to lose weight properly, it’s actually important that you do eat some of your favorite foods!

I know that sounds crazy, too – but it’s absolutely true, and I can prove it to you! If you know how to use your body’s natural processes to your advantage, it’s entirely possible to lose 10, 20 or even 30+ pounds in a single month without starvation diets, gut wrenching cardio, ridiculous workouts and eating anything gross!

So how do we get rid of belly fat then?

Eat the Right Foods at the Right Time

If you’ve lost weight but still have a belly eating the right amount of salt is just one critical component in your weight loss journey.  We’ve established that not eating sugar and keeping the salt would make you lose belly fat. Problem solved! I’ll accept my Nobel prize now.

Oh wait there’s just one problem. Not eating sugar and/or eating too much salt will kill you. The real way to get a flat tummy is to eat the right foods at the right times and doing the right exercises.  In the full guide it is explained in perfect detail the right foods to eat, when to eat them, and the minimum amount of exercise to lose the optimal amount of weight fast. 

Exercise right

The right type of exercise is key! Cardio may feel great but its not the best exercise to get rid of belly fat. The best type of exercise is resistance training. Why? Because building muscle will turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Cardio burns calories while doing it but stops shortly after. Building muscle through resistance training, specifically the right kind of resistance training, will make your body burn fat, including your pesky tummy fat, long after you leave the gym or your living room!  The best news is you don’t need to spend hours at the gym pumping iron like some body builder either. The full guide will show you exactly the right type of exercises to do, when to do them, and most importantly how to do them.

Control Hunger Pangs

One of the biggest sources of unaccounted for calories in your diet is snacking. We think that ‘oh just a nibble won’t hurt’. But the truth is it can add quite a bit to your calorie intake

Now you might be thinking “oh boy here’s the part where he’s going to tell me not to snack  or to eat celery and carrot sticks”. Nope! I hate celery and carrot sticks. The best way I use to stop snacking is to drink tea. Green Tea is good but I’ve found Red Tea made from rooibos is best to soothe my hunger pangs. Catechins contained in tea help inhibit the growth of fat cells, and reduce fat storage. Since it also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, it is an effective appetitesuppressant.

Due to its high antioxidant levels, it’s also considered to be anti-inflammatory – reducing inflammation also has an impact on battling illness and disease, and it can also help the body recover after a hard workout.

In addition to the benefits derived from the rooibos tea itself, ginger and turmeric has been added to make it an extra-potent inflammation and pain fighter.

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Hi, I'm Cam aka Packed Man. I'm a counselor and a loving partner. After winning my own battle of the bulge (I lost 100 lbs) I know what its like and I want to help people on their journey to happiness and fitness! Furthermore, I make no bones in letting people know this is how I earn my living and therefore some of the articles may contain affiliate links. This provides a strong incentive to make sure any products I recommend are of good quality so hopefully, you'll follow my recommendations to improve your life journey.

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