Learn How to Get a Date on Tinder

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It’s Saturday afternoon. You have no date and you’re alone in your studio apartment watching all the couples outside enjoying themselves.  Alright, you think you know how to get a date on tinder so you decide to kill some time on tinder. You swipe and swipe until you see her…


how to start a conversation with a girl on tinder
Omg she’s real!

At first you think ‘oh spam bot’ but you check and discover…holy shit she’s real!

You decide to hit her up but you don’t want to seem thirsty so you play it cool…


No reply…

“What’s happenin”

No reply…

“Hey baby show me some love”

You have been blocked…

Rejected again!

You feel a punch on your gut and you ask yourself

“Will I ever get out of this  fucking rut?’

“How do I get a date on trindr?!”

This is exactly what a young man that came into my office had experienced. He was recently made single and wanted to get back in the dating scene but he just couldn’t get his mojo back.

I worked with him and after about 8 sessions, eventually, he ended up finding a good girl. He says things are going well and has no complaints. He even sent this photo to show his progress.

How did I help him?

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