The Best Ways to Get Rid of Hair Between Buttocks

I love getting licked! Its one of my favorite things in sex even though I’m a top. The problem was with my partner he would always hesitate when I asked him to do it even right after a shower.

Finally, he just stopped doing it. He said it was too hairy for him. That’s why I decided to do some research to see how to get rid of hair between buttocks.

The number 1 reason a lot of guys don’t like to toss the salad is because of hair around the guy or gal’s hole! 

Seriously even if you’re into hairy men how many guys just love putting their tongue on a butthole full of hair? It’s extremely unhygienic for one thing.

Hair holds in 1000% more e. Coli bacteria than bare skin.

Because I wanted to continue getting licked I finally decided to do something about my hole hair. I looked into several different options including waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams.

About Buttcrack hair

Butt crack hair is very normal in both men and women as they mature.

Leaving your butt crack hair un-shaven can lead to poor personal hygiene down there, this may also increase your chances of picking up an infection. For some people, though the butt hair is normal, it can be embarrassing to walk with naked in public.

Shaving, removing or getting rid of butt hair safely will have the following advantages:

  • Removing your butt crack hair may boost your self-esteem when walking naked, or in a bikini in public places
  • You are able to maintain high standards of personal hygiene. This means stainless, clean and dry inner pants.
  • Keeping your butt clean and shaved also reduces the chances of picking up an infection. Hair butt, groin or pubic area creates a conducive environment for bacterial and yeast overgrowth.
  • A cleanly shaved butt improves stimulation and ensures safe and hygienic anal sex

Is it normal to have hair in your butt crack?

But is it really normal to have hair in your butt crack? The answer to this is YES. It would be really unusual for a man not to grow any hair in their butt crack. Hair in your butt crack is the same to your pubic hair only that it grows in your butt around the anus.

Human hair is a protein filament that grown from the follicles found in the skin. It is one of the defining characters of a mammal. Your body is covered with follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair.

So yes it is quite normal for adults both males and female to grow hair in some regions such as the butt crack and the anal region. You’ll notice even hairless twinks usually have some fur inside their buttocks.

Let’s talk about laser/electrolysis hair removal for a moment

I do want to point that laser treatment is also possible and provides longer lasting results, however, it’s quite expensive. It can cost anywhere for $350 for a small area up to $600-$900 in a larger area such as the back per session!

In addition to that my sister tried laser hair removal for her lower chin and the results weren’t that great.  In general people of African descent have reported mixed results for laser hair removal.

So overall I didn’t go for laser hair removal because:

  • It’s expensive a complete treatment regimen can cost well over $5000 USD!
  • The effectiveness is limited for people of African descent
  • It can cause blistering and burning. Even its proponents, if they are honest, will tell you that you’ll feel like you’ve been sunburned afterward
  • You may get permanent scarring
  • You may lose sensitivity in your anal region defeating the whole purpose of doing it in the first place! 

Electrolysis is the only hair removal procedure currently allowed by the FDA to be classified as “Permanent”.

This is basically where a technician literally zaps each and every individual hair follicle with electricity to permanently kill the follicle.

My mother had an issue with hair on her lower chin as well and tried electrolysis.

It did work but it was expensive. Electrolysis usually runs about $50-$80 per hour so you can imagine how much that would cost for a relatively large area like your butt.

It’s super time-consuming! The average person must be treated every 6-8 weeks for one year! A session can last 1-2 hours depending upon the amount of hair you want to be removed!

It hurts! I’m sure you’ve been shocked before. Well, imagine tiny pricks of electricity on your most sensitive area (your anus) for over an hour for 6-8 weeks for a year or more!

Things I’ve tried before


Manscaping with Waxing
Image used under fair use comment & criticism

Before I used to go to a salon to take care of my manscaping needs. However, when the financial crises back in the early 2000’s I stopped. Plus I never did the inside as well.   It lasts relatively long and it makes your skin feel smooth through exfoliation.

However, there are some serious drawbacks to waxing; these are enough to not make me a fan of it!

Why I’m not a fan of waxing
  1. It’s painful! Especially when they start waxing those thick chest hairs and other sensitive areas!
  2. It takes a long time! My waxing sessions took an hour to one and a half hours to complete depending upon how much I wanted to get waxed. The poor girl would be sweating afterward. As a result, I’d always tip her; which leads me to my next point
  3. It’s expensive! A full body wax can easily top $100usd.  You can try those do-it-yourself kits but it’s unlikely you’ll do a good job plus you risk burning yourself really badly.
  4. Do you really want hot wax in your ass? *shudder!*
  5. It left horrible ingrown hairs and bumps on my skin as it healed from the traumatic experience.  One night with a random hookup he asked ‘oh I see you wax’. He could tell from the blotches the ingrown hairs left on my skin. Even though he was nice about it talk about embarrassing!


A lot of guys use shaving as their main manscaping device and with good reason. They’re used to it & it’s quick. I, however, am not a fan of shaving anything other than my face.

Why I’m not a fan of body shaving

  1. You can get some nasty cuts as a result of shaving especially given the awkward positioning necessary to shave between your buttocks.
  2. Razor bumps are not a pretty sight especially in your butt which may get mistaken for anal warts. Yikes! That’s why if you do shave use a good man groomer to help you get a good close shave but not below the surface!
  3. Shaving cuts the hair at an angle causing it to grow back feeling more course and harsh
  4. The effects don’t last long.  You can start to see regrowth in as little as one or two days!

By the way, if you already have a problem with ingrown hairs read my article on how to get rid of ingrown hairs.

Mechanical Epilators

Do you really want this thing in your ass? Well maybe if you’re into BDSM…

In case anyone doesn’t know what an epilator is its a mechanical device that literally rips out each hair with its mechanical teeth. I tried one of these beauties when I was in Chile. Let me tell you these things would make excellent interrogation devices!

If someone put one of those things between your cheeks you’d tell them whatever they wanted to know

Why I’m not a fan of mechanical epilators
  1. They hurt like a motherf****r! I’m not kidding these things could be used as torture devices in the war on terror! They could probably bring the most hardened terrorist to his knees begging for mercy!
  2. You have to go over the area several times to get all the hair out increasing the pain exponentially!
  3. They cause terrible ingrown hairs and it takes a while to get all of the hair off!
  4. It’s hard and you have to squat to get to your buttcrack hair!

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What’s the best hair removal cream for your butt-crack?

Manscaping with Nair for Men

Cheesy photo with me and a can of Nair for men spray

Nair for Men Hair Removal Spray

The best hair removal cream I’ve ever had was Nair Men Hair Removal Spray. The reason I like the spray is that it’s easy to apply without getting your hands all stinky.

Why I’m a *HUGE* fan of Nair 

  1. I love it because it simply does what its supposed to do. It removes my body hair (including my thick chest hair) with one application.
  2. It’s quick! I sprayed it on within 3 minutes the hair began to come off and that’s before I even started rubbing it off
  3. It’s easy! With Nair for Men it’s simply so easy. You spray it on and the hair comes off.
  4. It’s easy to spray on your back to get those difficult to reach hairs (like in your  buttcrack)
  5. The spray makes it so I can completely apply it without getting my hands gunked up with stinky cream
  6. It’s easy to stow away
  7. It is much cheaper than getting waxed by a professional every two weeks

Out of all the things I’ve tried I’ve found the best most effective manscaping method is hair removal creams! Yes, there is a difference between the spray and the cream. For some reason, the spray removes more hair than the cream even if I’ve applied the cream generously.

How does it work?

These creams work by denaturing the proteins in the hair causing the hair shafts to lose structural integrity thereby rendering them incapable of withstanding the mechanical insult of a cloth being wiped over them.

In other words, they safely melt the hair away.

(I knew those two years studying biology would come in handy someday!)

I know what you’re thinking. The creams for sensitive skin should be a better choice! 

Not true!

You see the hair around your butt and pubic region is what’s known as terminal hair. This hair tends to be extremely thick as its evolutionary purpose is thought to display sexual maturity to others.

Those ‘light’ hair removal creams just don’t pack the punch that you will need to get rid of the hair down there.

In fact, many users of ‘light’ hair removal creams have higher instances of chemical burns because they leave it on too long to get better removal results.

Veet regular strength left my skin feeling damaged and cracked.  The sensitive light formula didn’t get a lot of the hair off and I had to leave it on way past the recommended time to get any results at all.

Regular Nair worked better but still not as good! It still missed some spots on my thick chest and buttcrack hair.

Other questions

How do you use it?
You spray the product onto the area(s) where you have unwanted hair. You let it sit on those areas for 4 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes. From there you go into the shower wash it off along with your unwanted hair
How long should I leave it on?
That depends on the thickness of your hair. Probably an average Asian wouldn’t need to leave it on for longer than 3-4 minutes maximum. However, for someone like me with thick coarse hair, I have to leave it one for 10.
Is it dangerous?
No. So long as you follow the instructions the product is not dangerous. It’s important to note as soon as you feel your skin tingling its time to wash it off!

Manscaping with cream tips

There are some basic tips that all cream manscapers need to do to avoid injury or infection.

  1. If you use a depilatory hair removal cream make sure the area you are about to manscape is clean and dry before applying the cream
  2. Make sure you test whatever cream you decide on a small area first! This is just to make sure the stuff jives well with your skin.
  3. If you somehow don’t get all the hairs that’s okay! It won’t kill you. Please wait a couple of days before using the cream again.
  4. Use The Crop Preserver to prevent chafing and ingrown hairs
  5. After that moisturize your skin afterward with an aloe vera based moisturizer.  My personal favorite is Organic Aloe Vera Gel. It just really helps facilitate epidemic regeneration. It also helps to heal sunburns, acne, and even razor bumps! The best part is it’s not expensive.
  6. Use Stop Grow to prevent the hair from ever growing back!

A Possible Downside of Hair Removal with Cream

Some people who manscape with cream say it’s not effective and it burns. If you experience discomfort with using cream it’s usually because you didn’t use enough cream and therefore had to leave it on too long or your body hair might just be too thick to use cream safely.

If that is the case then try a good body groomer. The LawnMower is great because it’s inexpensive and includes attachments for ear, nose, and body hair removal. Clipper technology has greatly improved over the years. Now body hair clippers are skin sensitive and shower proof. A lot of guys also like it because they find it quicker than waiting 10 minutes for the cream to do its thing.



Overall Nair Hair Removal Spray is the right choice for me. It removed my body hair quickly and easily thus making me more presentable to Asian men and more importantly increasing my self-confidence. If you like being smooth as much as I do then Nair Hair For Men is your best bet!


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