Jews Bear The Brunt of Religion-Based Hate Crimes

On January 29th Steven Goldberg (not his real name) was walking down the street in Brooklyn New York when three men assaulted and beat him for no reason.  The police say it was because the man was  Jewish. 

The incident was caught on tape and police have arrested two of the three suspects.

Menachem Moskowitz

Menachem Moskowitz was minding his own business on a Sunday morning as he walked home from his daily prayers. During his routine stroll, 52-year-old Moskowitz says he noticed a man in front of him to which he said ‘Hello”. At that point, the man started yelling. Saying things like “I hate Jews, you stole my money, call my mortgage, my house.”.

The man then began to beat him. Two bystanders rushed to the situation to help.

Menachem Moskowitz, 52, said he was holding on to a fence while being jumped and then choked. Luckily, there were two people nearby who ran up to help.

“There are a lot of people, unfortunately, that hate Jews and want to kill the Jews,” his wife Channah Moskowitz said.

Thomas Autry Fought Back!

Thomas Autry was walking home from his waiter job in Atlanta when he say 4  suspicious looking people. He ignored them and kept walking until he realized they were following him.

Once he saw they were armed with a shotgun and a pistol he ran until the group caught up with him.

This time was different. 

Autry pulled out his pocket knife, kicked the shotgun out of the attacker’s hands, and stabbed one of the attackers at which point they ran off.

The police found the attackers at the hospital where one of them was pronounced dead.  Autry was shaken but unharmed.

The situation could’ve been much worse had Autry not had the ability to defend himself.

Jews Are The Most Targeted Group for Hate Crimes

According to the FBI, Jews, not Muslims, bear the brunt of anti-religious hate crimes at nearly 60% of all anti-religious hate crimes being targeted towards Jews.

The FBI data shows Jewish people and institutions were most frequently targeted, accounting for 58.1 percent of religious-based hate crime incidents. Muslims were the second most frequent target, at 18.6 percent.

There were 938 anti-Jewish hate crime incidents encompassing 976 offenses in 2017, compared with 684 incidents encompassing 834 offenses in 2016, according to the FBI.

Don’t be a victim of a hate crime!

Some tips to protect yourself:

  1. There’s safety in numbers. Almost all of the victims were alone
  2. Don’t show fear. If they think you’re likely to put up a fight they’ll leave you alone.  Most bad guys are looking for easy pickings
  3. Have a self-defense tool

If you do have a gun then you need a concealed holster so you can have it when you need it. Period. I found this one for free just pay for shipping.

But many gay men and women are uncomfortable carrying a firearm. That’s okay; you can still protect yourself with things like this special Tac-Lite flashlight. It seems really cool and will get one myself!

The bottom line is because Thomas Autry had a pocket knife he is alive and well.

I know many of you will say “But you can’t carry a knife everywhere!”

That’s true that’s why I recommend a tactical pen. It’s a fully functional self-defense tool cleverly disguised as a writing utensil and a flashlight. It has a tungsten steel striker, a bottle opener, and yes it actually writes! Secret service agents carry pens like these!

Watch a video on how to defend yourself from anti-Semitic violence using the KISS Method!


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