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Transitioning to a ketogenic diet is a phenomenal way to burn fat, improve cardiovascular markers, and enjoy better health all around. But there is no denying that it can be a challenge to prepare low-carb meals when you are used to cooking high-carb dishes.

As a low carb dieter myself I decided to actually buy a copy so I could give an actual review of the product so you could make an informed decision prior to purchasing it.

If you’re interested in the Ketogenic Diet (Keto) I’m sure you’ve seen this advertised so I decided to buy it. At the end of this review I’m going to show you a trick to get it way cheaper than than normal

A little about me. My name is Cam, I studied biology I used to be obese and then I had a life changing experience that made me decide to make a change and I lost 100lbs thanks to a low carb keto lifestyle and I review diet plans. Now weight loss products so you don’t have to waste your money.

The keto diet was invented in the 1920’s in the Mayo Clinic by Dr. Russel Wilder to help children suffering from epilepsy. That’s why it’s no surprise that those on the keto diet report an increase in cognitive function. This is most likely because this is a high fat diet and your neurons are actually coated with fat to increase the speed of transmission of nerve impulses between cells. It’s been shown to help people with ADHD, Autism, and even Dementia.

However the reason most people go on the keto diet is so they achieve a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body will burn fat instead of readily available glucose for energy. . The goal with the keto diet is to have your body in a constant state of ketosis and constantly burning fat. An other popular reason people go on keto is because exercise is not required. Your body naturally converts into a fat burning machine.

When you buy this cookbook you get 4 bonuses:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to the Keto Diet – Which is an overview of the keto diet and what to expect when beginning a keto lifestyle
  2. The 12 Week Meal Plan – This is a 90 day guide to help ease you into the keto lifestyle with delicious recipes
  3. Keto Slow Cook Meals 2.0 – This is a cookbook for all of you slow cooker lovers
  4. Keto Desserts 3.0 – This is really important, especially to the ladies, because you need to satisfy your sweet tooth if you hope to make it through any diet

The Beginners Guide

The beginners guide is my favorite part of this package the reason being that the keto diet is unlike any diet you’ve ever done most likely. You’re giving up foods (carbs) that you’ve been enjoying your whole life. That’s why it’s so important to have a guide with you to help you through this process in order to succeed. There are some pit falls that many beginners fall into such as: issues on the toilet, what to do in social situations, and how to transition into a ketogenic lifestyle that a good guide can help you with. This is one of those guides!

The Ketosis Cookbook

The cookbook has over 370 recipes which you can see here. This is an example of one from the Keto Slow Cooker. This is a simple Beef and Butternut Tagine dish tells you exactly what you need, how long it will take, and a guide at the top to make sure you’re within your macros.

The desert cookbook contains really good recipes including ice cream! Usually ice cream is a no-no on keto but this shows you how to make a delicious ice cream that’s NOT made from avocados and still stay in ketosis

The one I like the best is the beginners guide because it really holds your hand to help you transition into a ketogenic lifestyle. A lot of people start the keto diet but then realize that it’s not the same thing as just another low carb diet and don’t achieve their full potential. This really holds your hand to help you get the maximum benefit of the keto diet.

I personally feel that anyone looking to a low carb lifestyle, but even more so with keto, needs to have a guide to best guarantee the results they want. The internet is full of bad advice and a hodge-podge of information. With this it’s like having a coach that’s with you every step of the way.

Now onto the price. They normally charge about $50 and frankly for what you get it’s worth every penny, however, I’m going to show you how to get it for just $37.

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Benefits of the Ketosis Cookbook

The Ketosis Cookbook is filled with beneficial, nourishing recipes that will help ketogenic dieters remain in a ketogenic state. It has over 400 pages of keto goodness with gorgeous color photos for each recipe presented. The photos provided have excellent resolution and will really whet your appetite from start to finish.

The eBook is a nice diet resource for individuals who want to stop eating processed foods and begin eating all-natural whole foods that will provide long-term benefits for the mind and body. With the ketogenic eating plan, you can undergo weight loss, improve your energy and eating habits, regulate your metabolism, and enhance your health without having to focus on reducing calories.

The book includes a stage-by-stage program that is easy and straightforward to follow. The recipes all comply with the guidelines that make up a ketogenic diet, thus you can begin eating main meals and snacks as soon as possible with the quick recipes in this book.

Yes, the recipes included in this volume are easy to prepare, thus busy individuals will definitely benefit from this book. The book also includes a 12-week plan which you can follow; you can base all of your meal plans on the sample program for variety.

Undertaking a ketogenic diet is actually a challenge because it has strict food restrictions. You have to let go of carbohydrates in order for ketones to be produced, which will be used as fuel instead of the standard glucose that our body produces. The production of ketones is due to ketosis, a state from where the ketogenic diet gets its name. Ketosis, in turn, leads to weight loss since the process burns fat.

The program that is included in this eBook will aid those who want to embark on the diet. The ketogenic diet, even though it is difficult for some, is beneficial to the body since it makes individuals lose weight, glucose, and cholesterol levels, increases energy and mental lucidity, and suppresses food hankerings.

With this book, readers will get to find recipes that even beginners can prepare. The cookbook will assist you in embracing healthier foods in your diet, and at the same time, maintain your body in a ketogenic mode.

The book will also help you boost your nutritional intake by way of its authentic keto recipes, so that you will acquire all the healthy benefits that your body needs. These are recipes that are designed to help you stick to the ketogenic regimen without any fuss or problems.

Other than the main cookbook, it also includes bonus recipes like Keto Slow Cook Meals and Keto Desserts. It also has a neat, helpful manual called The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet.

Trust me when I tell you that both of these dishes are VERY yummy! This is what you get with the cookbook and more. You don’t have to google around for keto recipes that may not even really be ketogenic friendly. This is what makes the Ketosis Cookbook worth it.  Use this link for a special coupon to save 45% on the Ketosis Cookbook. If you’re going to do keto then you’re going to be doing a lot of cooking so a good cookbook is a wise investment if you wish to be successful with keto!