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Here’s Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat!

Remember when you got your first smartphone? I do. It was an iPhone back in 2014. I was so excited to open the stylish box to reveal my latest toy. I began playing with it while completely ignoring the instruction booklet that came with it.

The Key to Weight Loss Is Sitting On Your Kitchen Table

Does This Sound Familiar? You’re trying to lose weight. You’ve tried points, you’ve tried low carb, you’ve tried killing yourself at the gym but nothing works! You’ve even begun lying and telling people that you’re ‘body positive’ and that you’re happy with your weight. Then

Does Manifesting REALLY Work?

Whenever I tell clients about manifestation they’re always a bit skeptical. That’s because they always think of it as the old mantra from the 80s ‘think it, see it, get it’. While that’s not wrong that’s just scratching the surface of manifestation.  If you want

How to Get Rid of Hair Between Buttocks

I love getting licked! Its one of my favorite things in sex even though I’m a top. The problem was with my partner he would always hesitate when i asked him to do it even right after a shower. Finally he just stopped doing it.