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Here’s Why Most People Fail to Lose Weight

If you’ve read pretty much any of my articles then you know that being as physically appealing as possible is one of the best ways to jump start your love life! The thing is I bet you already knew that! You’ve tried dieting before and

Don’t Get Romance Scammed!

Romance scammers are real but easy to detect if you follow my advice. As more and more western nations embrace marriage equality more and more gay men are seeking love abroad. Many gay men seek love abroad for their own reasons whether it be because

How to Make An Inter Generational Relationship Work!

Think because you’re young and thin that you’re you’re doing him a favor by being with him? Think again…. Think because you’re always flipping the bill that he should be your de-facto slave? Not so fast mister! Real relationships aren’t about keeping  score! They’re about

Is Flat Belly Detox Worth It?

Maybe if you’re reading this you’re frustrated because you’ve been trying to lose weight for years; or it could just be that you want to get into that dress or those pants that you love? Either way this flat belly detox review will help you

Why Open Relationships Don’t Work

It’s the new millennium that means out with the old and in with the new! My LGBT readers will have head the phrase ‘we don’t need to follow the ‘heteronormative’ relationship model’. These are both phrases I have heard often in support of open relationships.

The Absolute Fastest Healthy Way to Lose Weight

It’s Sunday night. You’re sitting comfortably on your sofa with a bowl of super cheese popcorn watching your favorite show. Suddenly the phone rings. You check the caller ID. Its your BFF that you haven’t seen in 3 months so you decide to answer: “Hey

Protect Yourself from Gay Bashing!

On March 31st A fake Grindr profile was used to arrange meetups late at night in a parking lot. When the victims arrived, the large group of attackers began beating them. One of the victims, aged 28, was admitted to a local hospital following the