How Likely Are You to Get a Girlfriend

Welcome to your How Likely Are You to Get a Girlfriend quiz!

This will help determine how likely it is you'll get a girl anytime soon!

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Honestly speaking I'm not willing to change myself in any way just to get a girl...

I find most women/girls to be annoying

What do you think matters the most to a girl? 

Girls don't care about looks

Women like sex just as much as men

A girl would rather date a hot guy with no money than a fat guy that made good money.

Right before sex girls want a guy to ask permission before making a move

Nowadays women don't mind if their husbands/boyfriends make less than they do

Gender studies professors and modern day feminists speak for almost all women and understand what straight women want from a man

I should treat a girl the way I want to be treated

Thank you!

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