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Having a wide array of dishes to choose from is very important to me.
If you were to have a bowl of chili for lunch how important is it to you to have some chips, crackers, or other grain product on the side?
I am willing to forgo or severely limit deserts such as cake and ice cream while on Keto.
I have the budget and I don't mind spending 20% more on my grocery bill on protein rich and high fat foods such as meat and cheese.
Do you have a history of renal (kidney) or liver problems?
My biggest barrier to losing weight is I feel hungry and eat even though I know I shouldn't.

On a scale of 1-10 how good do you feel about your weight? 

During the ketosis phase, you'll literally burn fat while you sleep and experience higher cognitive function.   Several studies have demonstrated that KDs can enhance cognitive function in both pathophysiological and normal healthy experimental animal systems (National Institutes of Health)

Do you want to burn fat while you sleep?

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