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Is a Home Gym Worth It?

Time to get fit

As discussed in our Envy article one of the most effective ways to solve your penile problems is diet and exercise. You can gain an entire inch or maybe two (in appearance) by eliminating adipose (fat) from your belly and public region. If you’re here maybe you’ve finally decided you want to make a serious effort to lose weight. If that’s the case congratulations that’s half the battle! The next question is what is the best way to achieve your fitness goals and is a home gym worth it?

Of course you’ve thought about just going to the gym but there can be serious downsides to the gym:

The cost-A gym membership can cost $700+ a year

The pressure-Every gym has it. That obnoxious guy that grunts with every move he makes. Its easy to become intimidated in a gym environment

The travel time-Getting up and going to the gym can take a lot of time and headaches. It could be enough to discourage you from getting that crucial workout in the first place

The sanitation-Unfortunately some gyms and cleaner than others. I’ve found sweat, band-aids, amongst other things on gym equipment

Not so fast!

Oh so then a home gym is the solution for you right? Well not so fast. There are several things to consider prior to purchasing a home gym

The setup-Home gyms can be tough to set up for most people and downright impossible for others. If you do get one the best and safest way is to pay a professional to set it up for you

The space-This isn’t as big of a problem as it used to be as they’ve gotten really good at making home gyms more and more compact but still space is a factor

The motivation-Unless you’re a self starter the home gym can just end up being an expensive coat hanger.

tip:Don’t put it in the basement! It needs to be somewhere where you pass by it all the time 

The upfront cost-Speaking of costs a good complete home gym isn’t cheap. The Bowflex Xtreme SE, for example, is going to set you back about $1400 and that’s not including hiring someone to set it up if you need to.

These are all factors you need to consider before spending your hard earned cash on one of these things.


Why a home gym may be worth it

Okay so you’ve considered the pros and cons here’s why I think a home gym is worth it.

Privacy-If you’re like me you value your privacy. There’s nothing private at a gym. You have to deal with people watching you work out or even possibly a pervert watching you in the locker room *shudder*

Motivation-A lot of times just having to drive get dressed, get in my car, and drive through the weather (esp. in winter) to the gym is enough to demotivate a person from even going. A home gym is usually steps away from your bed or perhaps more motivating from your kitchen. 🙂

Availability-The home gym is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week rain or shine

Compactness-They’ve gotten a lot better with making home gyms a lot more compact than they used be. Even if you live in a studio apartment there are some home gyms that will fit in like a glove

No hidden fees-Once you’ve paid for the home gym its yours. No late fees, early termination fees, or other surprise charges on your credit card

No contacts-Many gyms ask for a one, two, or even three year contract. No so with a home gym

Time savings-The amount of time you’ll save by not having to get dressed, not getting in your car driving in the rain, not  having to wait for your favorite machine to become available can be astronautical, upwards of an hour of more

What home gym do you recommend then?

There are many good home gyms but for me the winner hands down is the bowflex. A bowflex guides you into making smooth and effective motions which maximizes the calories burned per repetition because of this a bowflex is the ideal machine for someone middle aged and up. It is relatively easy to set up for a complete home gym. Users reported having the machine completely assembled in 1-3 hours.   With its power rod resistance design you never have to change cables again when you change exercises. The power rod system eliminates the inertia and risk of joint pain/damage that comes from free weights.

The SE Xtreme includes:

Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar

4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station

Abdominal Crunch Shoulder Harness

5-Way Hand-Grip/Ankle Cuffs

Multiple Cable/Pulley Positions

Compact Size for Smaller Workout Space 

Ergonomic Adjustable Seat with Polyurethane Cushion


Check Price of SE Xtreme on Amazon


The best part is the price. Traditional home gyms can easily go into the two to three thousand dollar range. An entry level bowflex will only set you back about $400-$500. I love mine and along with diet it really helped me achieve my fitness goals.



As stated a Beginner Blow Flex will run you about $500 once it’s all said and done on That’s less than a year’s membership at a gym

You’re looking at $800+ for a middle of the road bowflex

$1400+ for the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE. That’s a higher end model on Amazon

Pros & Cons

What customers liked about the Bowflex

The rod resistance technology was a lot more comfortable than free weights

The machine is quiet

The value-the price is small for the amount of exercises they could do

The machine has more than 70 different exercises making it impossible to get bored

What customers didn’t like:

Some said the rods lost resistance over time and they’re not warrantied beyond a year

The machine is not adequate for a highly athletic person


Check Price of Beginner Bowflex on Amazon

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