Ultimate Guide to Detoxing

Get the Ultimate Guide to Detoxing Without Feeling Hungry!

What’s in it? 

Naturally Suppress Your Appetite!

Let’s be honest most us know that in order to lose weight that we need to eat less. The problem is resisting the temptation can prove practically impossible. If you want to lose weight then you need to suppress your appetite to stop yourself from snacking!

Rooibos tea. Rooibos tea is a mild tea from the African bush. It comes in two different varieties, green and red Rooibos tea. Green rooibos tea has 5x antioxidant levels than regular green tea! Since it is very hydrating and has no caffeine, I make a batch by steeping loose tea leave and adding it in a sports bottle. I put ice and dilute it with more water, and sip it through the day. This is my favorite appetite suppressant because of the added kick of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Rooibos tea has a natural sweetness, so you don’t even have to add milk or sugar, which adds more calories. Red tea also has zero calories. Since it contains so many antioxidants, it tricks the brain into believing that it’s full. When I dilute it water, I am hydrating my body, feeling full longer, and feeling good.

Red tea also helps calm your nerves.  Did you know that when you get stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which among other things makes you hungry? Not getting enough sleep will also release gherkin levels, which makes you want to eat more. Your body will also decrease levels of leptin, the fat burning and appetites suppressing hormone.




You might be wondering why the need for ongoing detox when our bodies are equipped with a built-in detox system.

It’s true.

Our bodies were designed to carry out this process naturally, but our modern society continuously produces new chemical additives, preservatives and toxins that overload our systems.

Think of it like a car:

Your car was created to run and was given everything it needed to do so when it was manufactured.

But does that mean you never change the oil? Of course not! The oil gets so gunked up that it must be changed in order for the car to carry out its purpose.

It’s the same with your body, and detoxing is the way we “change our oil.”


The media tends to put the focus of a detox diet on weight loss and a drastic reduction in calories. I bet some of us even started a detox program to benefit from the short-term weight loss that comes with it.

Taking this conscious effort to make a change in your lifestyle is okay, but a healthier alternative is to look at the benefits of weight loss via detox as one with long-term results based on sustained, healthy eating habits.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to note that ‘a calorie isn’t simply a calorie.’

Sugar calories are far worse than whole food calories because they trigger inflammation to hold your weight hostage.


Detoxing provides a way to keep the excess waste in your body on the move. Routine detox helps your body purge itself of these residues, enhancing the function of your liver, kidney and colon.

When you have a clean colon and liver, the rate at which these toxins are re-introduced to your body decreases significantly.


Regular detoxing helps free up your organs to enable them to function properly. This allows you to absorb nutrients better, fight off bugs and have a healthier lymphatic system.


Skin issues like acne can be improved with detoxing. Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, it makes perfect sense to expect a smoother, brighter complexion following a great detox regimen.

You can speed up this process by sweating out toxins via an infrared sauna.


Yes! A detox is a great way to kill your biological addiction to sugar, caffeine or flour. It helps promote healthy changes in you when you replace unhealthy food with healthier options.


Your body isn’t the only one benefiting from the purging and cleansing of toxins – so is your mind. Detoxing improves your state of mind for clearer, more defined thoughts. The fat and sugar-filled foods we’re accustomed to create fogginess and fatigue. This “brain cloud” often interferes with our way of thinking.

What’s Included?

You also get:

  • A complete 14-day meal plan that includes recipes for satisfying, delicious snacks to halt any cravings instantly. The meal plan covers four phases: The Red Tea Detox Diet Phase 1: Days 1 – 5; The Red Tea Detox Phase 2: Day 6; The Red Tea Detox Phase 3: Days 7 and 8; Phase 4: Calorie Restriction Based on BMR
  • The Red Tea Detox Exercise Plan, which has the potential to almost double your fat-burning results.
  • The Red Tea Detox Willpower Motivation and Mindset Plan, which dispels the common myths about willpower and makes sure you, stay motivated to lose a maximum amount of weight.

The Red Tea Detox works equally well for both women and men. It also doesn’t matter if you have a lot of weight to lose or just a few pounds, it can quickly help you achieve your weight loss goal. This program is ideal for anyone who is concerned about their health (especially if you are over the age of 35) … Anyone who wants to lose stubborn fat around their belly, butt, and thighs … Anyone who wants to lose weight without feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

It doesn’t matter how stubborn that belly fat has been The Red Tea Detox can help you lose unwanted weight. You’ll re-balance your fat loss hormones and unblock crucial metabolic fat-burning steps so you can control your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones and do it as easy as 1-2-3.

To learn much more about this powerful program and how it can help you lose even the most stubborn fat, click here now. No other detox program contains these 5 unique ingredients scientifically proven to unlock stubborn fat cells, release hard-to-lose fat deposits, and flush fat away.

Your body uses multiple steps to release fat naturally. Even if just one step is blocked, your fat loss will grind to a halt. This gets crucial the older you get because you are more likely to have one or more of these steps blocked.

The Red Tea Detox System unblocks all these steps – that’s why it is 100% guaranteed to help you burn fat and lose all the weight you want.